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staff has unprofessional manner

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If you will try to acquire some info regarding Miller Hyundai you won’t find anything right now, which symbolises their seriousness towards their job. First of all, when I first call them to gain some information, they provided much lesser info in an unprofessional manner. They waste most of my time by only saying come here only to get full information. But with a hope of purchasing car I went there. But got same response what I expected after talking with them on phone. I was there at 8:30 am but there was no one to meet. Finally, they opened their shop at 11:30 am and talked with me at sharp 1 pm. How careless they are towards their customers.

I went there to buy an entry level model just to travel my nearer working locations. But I got a rude response from them and starts judging me by my choice. They started calling me money minded. WTF within a hour you started calling me money minded. And even try a lot to change my mind-set. I went out from their office and report them on Google as spam.

And not only me many customers had faced such kind of behavior. And then I never let people to go there and deal with them.

I did a mistake to go there and trying to make good relations. But shit people never get good vibes from good people. Never ever buy or deal anything from such people who don’t care how you are concern of a car and how your feelings are of. It’s always better to maintain distance from such people. And we are not going there to listen their shit opinions we are going there to show our interests not there’s. Hope you understand what I want to convey

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