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Hard work and perseverance is the key for making any decent amount of money. Whether through offline or online methods, you need both, as well as patience and that’s the hard reality.
However, it’s likely that you would be flooded with emails from some companies that will have you believe that it is much easier to become rich online. One of such companies is Millionaire Biz Pro. Their claim, that they hold the key to online success, is reviewed to find out what they are all about.
About Millionaire Biz Pro?
Millionaire Biz Pro sells to their users programs designed to increase traffic online so you can make money from affiliate offers. For this they established a web site,, earlier in 2016. The founder of Millionaire Biz Pro is Derek Maxwell. He and his company are willing to sell you their secrets so that you too will be able to make thousands of dollars online.
Millionaire Biz Pro lays claims that generation of internet traffic can help you make money online, and the traffic is sent through about 15 affiliate sites in order to generate cash. They also claim that everyone who signs up gets to build their own website and is given several tools which they can use to improve profits. The promotional video from Millionaire Biz Pro also goes on to assure you that once you make your site, money will just start “magically” pouring in, a claim that is really tall, and this really sounds too good to be true. In the video there are quite a few numbers of individuals who have testified that their lives have been improved greatly with the help of Millionaire Biz Pro. Now obviously all these secrets of earning online is not expected to be shared with you for free. So how much you can expect to pay for the product, including the numerous up and down sells is a question.
Millionaire Biz Pro Software – Cost break up.
– The product will cost $47, (you can bring the cost down to $17 if you try to leave the site).
– It includes a customizable website, traffic generator, and training videos. There are different packages, which are as follows:
A. Platinum Membership
– You are required to make a onetime payment of $197, (you can bring the cost down to $97 if you try to leave the site).
– You are given access to extra training videos.
– You get a social share button that helps generate more traffic.
B. Basic Membership Plan
– Costs $37.95 per month in addition to the $17-$47 you would have already spent if you would have made the initial purchase.
– This plan will help get your affiliate sites off the ground.
C. Webfire Plan
–The annual subscription is $347 in addition to the software expenses.
– It will help your sites being launched and also generate free traffic.
If you are expecting a limited period free trial version you will be in for disappointment, since unfortunately they do not offer a free trial version of Millionaire Biz Pro.
But they do have a money back guarantee on the initial software. In case you decide within the first 60 days to opt-out, all you need to do is contact customer service and you will get a full refund.
Now, before you decide to purchase the software you should look up the customers’ complaints against Millionaire Biz Pro. For your convenience, some compiled concerns and complaints against Millionaire Biz Pro are given here for you to read and make an informed decision.
i. Misleading Information on the Site: Besides the over enthusiastic promotional video, the site does not offer transparency to their customers. The testimonials in the video are all fake in-so-as-much that there is no way that they can be authenticated. The same appear to be more so, since you will come across the same set of people providing testimonials for multiple other sites. The timers sited and “limited offers” displayed are also fake. They, very cleverly make it appear to you as if you were personally selected, were as the truth is that it is open to anyone to join.
ii. Too Many Upsells: You are actually provided with a misleading purchase proposal leading you to think that the software is just going to be a one payment purchase. However you will ultimately realize that to be actually able to make any money from Millionaire Biz Pro you will be required to buy a membership plan and more. This is, very cleverly not mentioned in the beginning and in case you are not expecting it, the extra costs might be enough to put you off and turn away with a loss of expense already being made towards initial purchase.
iii. Customer Support not good: In case you try to get in contact with someone who could actually help you with the product it is realy going to be difficult. The people working for Millionaire Biz Pro are trained to make you spend more money and not to help you make any money for yourself. They will do their best to sell you extra products, though.
iv. More work than they claim: The promotional videos make investment seem so simple. In reality, it requires a lot of work to be done. The training videos may be helpful for few, but it’s clear that this is not something that is going to work on its own. After designing the website you will need to constantly pay attention to it so that your money is not wasted.
This website used to promote a pyramid scheme called MOBE, but the latter has been completely shut down by the FTC because of their misleading marketing information and hype! Unfortunately, a lot of people that bought Millionaire Biz Pro when they were promoting MOBE have lost $1,000’s because of this.
Now Millionaire Biz Pro is trying to sell you some useless PDF training and videos that are rehashed, to show you how to start a website.
This program is only going to make you spend your hard earned money.
Given the numerous up sells, the misleading scarcity and testimonials you would reconsider whether Millionaire Biz Pro is Legitimate? I for one would avoid Millionaire Biz Pro. They seem to over-simplify the legitimate business of affiliate marketing. You can definitely make a lot of money with affiliate marketing, but it requires proper training, hard work, the right tools and a lot of patience and perseverance to become successful. Millionaire Biz Pro appeals to people who are looking for fast money or are in desperate financial situations. It preys on their desperation due dire straight. So unfortunately without reading the review there is a chance that you’ll probably go for this software, not worth its price.

Fake testimonials, a trick that a lot of scams deploy to boost their perceived value online pushes this product quite close to being a scam. It’s possible to hire people to “review” one of your products on video through On Fiverr, a service-based marketplace where people will do anything for five dollars.
These videos can be recorded at barely any cost and in a few days you can have an army people praising your product, virtually, even if they themselves have not purchased the product. Obviously, these their testimonials mean nothing because they were paid to provide scripted testimonial, there’s no way that they could really say what they think about the product in reality.
In the sales video of Millionaire Bizpro, “Megan Elizabeth Erie”, surely not her real name, has “confessed” that she has never recorded herself on video before, which again is a downright lie.
How about the training material? Does the product offer anything worthwhile in the training material? Let’s take a look. Millionaire Bizpro has very little training material; however it provides you with access to a system through which you are supposed to earn thousands of dollars per day. It basically lets you add your affiliate link to multiple landing pages or squeeze page as it is commonly known, to build an email list, while also promoting a product.
Millionaire Biz Pro encourages you to sign up on the Pure Leverage (GVO), a Multilevel Marketing Company that provides email Autoresponder service. The autoresponder allows you to store and build a list of email subscriber.
There’s a new affiliate marketplace called Click Better that offers higher conversions than most affiliate marketplaces, and it offers up to 80% commissions on certain products.
Now what Millionaire Biz Pro does is find products from this marketplace for you to promote with complete landing pages and your personal affiliate links and in turn make money. You are left on your own to promote the landing pages, find traffic, and sell. These landing pages promise free products, but in reality there are no free products.
There is one sales video which says that you need to enter your email address to access the system and then are taken to another sales video which leads to a sales page. It is apparent that these landing pages are designed to collect email address while also squeezing in a sales pitch.
Being promises a free product, it’s but expected that they deliver that promise, but instead of the promised free product an entirely different product is sometimes provided, which is definitely unethical.
If you ask me, I would stay away from this product and rather focus my time and energy on building a website that I can use for my own purposes. I still think that creating a website and writing articles for traffic is the best way to make money online. Sure, it’s time taking, but I think it’s a smart investment in the long run
Stay away from products that promise you thousands of dollars a day! Sometimes, the long route is the best route even though it may be slow it is consistent.
Millionaire Biz Pro is not recommended because it involves a lot of advertisement techniques that are unethical. The results would be not worth the time and money required to get the system started.
One of the reviews by a user is represented below:
Fishy, fishy, fishy — that’s all I can say when I first checked the website. No other contact support apart from the email, the date stated above (supposed to be the last day for whatever promotion they have) is, and will always be the present date, and there’s little to no information at all. Yes, there’s an introductory YouTube video on their homepage but other than that, there’s really nothing else.
As of the moment, Millionaire Biz Pro is hosted by ClickBank and it’s pretty visible on their website.
It’s not really hard to know whether Millionaire Biz Pro is a legit online opportunity or not. The website itself spells SCAM and I bet it won’t require a brain or two to stay away from this program.
But I’ll try to be fair and give you all the details you need to know, the details that Millionaire Biz Pro’s website failed to provide.
Like other scams online, they will lure people into the belief that they will share their “secret” for free only to find out that it has a few upsells or more (or even a downsell). And that’s the same thing with Millionaire Biz Pro.
At first, it will seem like you just need to enter your email address but as you go along, you’ll be required to pay $47 for whatever “secret” they have. These “secrets” by the way are just some nonsense affiliate marketing training you can get anywhere online, for free!
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