Mina & Dimi's Greek House

Bad customer service.

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First impressions are everything. This was my first and certain last time eating here. Speaking from the attitude of somebody who spent an honest portion of their life eating great Greek and Mediterranean food, nothing about what they prepare here could justify my having waited 50 minutes for a to travel order.

I need to Mina’s at about 1155 and ordered at noon. I do know it had been not because my receipt was time stamped. My order was to travel and in hindsight I like to recommend that you simply call your order in if you enforce patronizing the establishment. Otherwise you would possibly eat your telephone before you get your food. I sat and waited patiently for half-hour in consideration of the very fact that I didn’t call ahead and therefore the lunch rush was serious. At the purpose when the parents who were ahead of me in line got served, I just knew my meal would be up next: WRONG. in fact, subsequent perform order was for somebody who arrived maybe ten minutes after me. I was told they were still expecting the plate to be made and offered some water while I continued my wait. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t gyro meat shaved off of a spindle and pre prepped? They must’ve been making fresh pita bread only for me. I waited 50 minutes without complaint and no courtesy was shown whatsoever for the very fact that they served several people before me who arrived after me.

To be fair, the food was definitely good. But I’ve never had anything great enough to warrant a positive review after a forty-five-minute wait. This place is so disgusting. Direct reflection of the town right here. Worst service ever! Phoned our order certain devour and therefore the guy behind the counter was rude and insisted that the order was never placed. He then ignored us. Another man ”found” our order and charged us but the food wasn’t even prepared yet.

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