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total nonsense there. if you go there your smile will fall apart

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Seeing the reviews I was for sure that I never wanted to visit the place. They plan to give us a friendly atmosphere but we need Best dental care. Everyone giving a review that this was done, that was done, the doctor was friendly and they advised us better but what did they actually advise for.? Clearly mention the same guys. We the makers of the first-time visit to such clinics need help.

My experience was truly not a better on with mint leaf dental.

Dr Depal Parikh might be striving to allow his patients to get the best service and allowing the practitioners working under him to follow their own leaders but guys this is what sometimes create chaos. I am happy I wasn’t a part of it but definitely what I saw there was not expected. 2 dental doctors fighting among themselves over a patient who was cured a month back but now suddenly got an infection in his gums. Well, seriously this scared the hell out of me and all I wanted to run away. But my brother didn’t allow me to.

Sitting there I checked the reviews and the site was surprisingly looking at my brother. The experiment of a spa in a dental clinic.? what nonsense that was.? All his orthodontic options won’t work if in the relaxation of spa things get another way around and while getting cured for the gap between the teeth with some pain. I will suffer and not they. The personal suffering can only be experienced by one. So, before you guys rely out there on anyone, search and get reviews and then visit.

Asking about me? I didn’t attend that appointment that day. Left the place just after seeing all this nonsense attitude of people over there. Stop there and think before any service is taken guys Coz guarantee won’t come to use when we see our smile falling apart.

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