Mission Road Mini Storage

think twice before hiring services of Mission Road Mini Storage.

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Mission Road Mini Storage advertises that they are specialized in providing facilities in self-storage and temporary room for stuff, etc. On seeing their advertisement, I called and to enquire about my requirement of temporary place to store some seasonal fruits and vegetables. They promptly attended and showed interest to move the products into their storage in specialized vehicles. They also said they have professionally trained managers to help me find right sized storage unit with a free move in truck, passenger elevators, electronic gated access, video recording, moving carts and what not. I was very impressed and invited their manager to inspect my goods and advise about the facilities needed. Their representative reached my place after missing two appointments that too, given by them! He looked very professional in his acts and said he would make arrangements for moving the goods the very next day itself. On enquiry about the rents and charges for the place hiring and services, he gave me a catalogue with a big list of prices for even minute services, and they had added consultation charges too. But their advertisement stated that they were a non-profit organization and seeking support for ‘501©3 Kure it’ cancer research, I thought, let me be part of a holy cause. I accepted their costly service for my temporary requirement.

Next day a cart arrived which was meant for transporting furniture and it had rather rough ends. They had not brought trays or any such material for packing my goods. Though I protested they said they were only doing as directed and so, half willingly I agreed to transport my goods to store. On reaching the place, I found the place was not properly conditioned for the particular purpose and also reaching there was very difficult. With great difficulty my goods were shifted to the store. While doing so, I found some of my goods were damaged, and I had to take them back for immediate sale or put into compost use. Though they had canvased for free move in truck, they charged for the transportation. And all those electronic gadgets they mentioned were not in full working condition.

Since my need was temporary one, I could bear the loss of damage in shifting, unsuitable storage facilities and all the hardship of shifting to store and taking it back. Now I strongly doubt whether they are really a non-profit organization for a good cause or that is just a marketing tactic for fooling people. I had to bear great losses. They were inefficient in storing the perishable goods and had too many hidden charges.

The Mission Road Mini Storage is managed by most unprofessional, untrained staff. They overlook the needs of the customers. But are very good and most professional in collecting the charges and in fooling people who come to them. Their advertisement is just a bunch of luring words. Not an ounce of truth in it. I strongly warn everyone to think twice before hiring services of Mission Road Mini Storage.

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