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no dentists, just experimenting people..Avoid

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Mitchell Dentistry at 32 Barkley Cir, Fort Myers – 33907 is a place that you should not even think of going. If there is a word worse than worst, then it applies to this Dentistry. They call themselves a family place, but in reality, are family destroyers. Last summer, my uncle went for a very important surgery to them. He needed to have a root canal treatment to let the infection drain and relieve himself of the pain. Once he consulted them, they suggested he have an Apicoectomy done in order to be permanently relieved of his sufferings. Being a sufferer for many months, my uncle instantly agreed. He was going to be charged a total of $1,500 for the procedure and it seemed just fine. What was not fine was what happened afterwards. After performing the particular operations, the dentist gave my uncle a pretty serious ultimatum saying that there had been a problem and an extraction had to be executed or he would lose all his teeth. He became scared and agreed again, in the process losing two teeth and $300 more.
Now, there is something you have to understand here. The money is not the factor which made me write this, it is the way the whole thing was handled. My uncle lost two teeth because of the improper proceedings of the dentist at Mitchell Dentistry. All he needed was a root canal, and they performed an extraction on him. No warnings or discussions about it had been done prior to the operation, which makes it more unacceptable. The doctor is supposed to be a saviour, not some experimenting scientist on a guinea pig. The worst part is that they refused to address it whatsoever and went on like it was a casual thing. If patients are taken so lightly, even after being operated wrongly, what exactly is a family to them? I will advise people to take a lesson from this and make sure the place regrets doing such things to its customers.

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