Modern Hyundai of Concord

Terrible experience with this dealership

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First I went there to buy a car called Hyundai Kona. It was my dream car since I know Hyundai. Their behaviour is not professional at all as they try a lot to change my mind to not to buy Kona and should go for any of the luxury car. But I love Kona only. Still they are in the hope that I will buy another car. But after a heavy discuss I ordered them rudely that I will buy only the Kona model otherwise will not buy any car from them.

Finally they agreed to sell Kona. But when I asked them regarding the final price they offer me 600$ more than the online price. And when I asked on this extra price they told me that this is charged due to shop development as well as future safety. But when I asked them for discount they strictly informed me that they sell fixed price cars only.

Then I immediately leave the shop and purchased Kona from another dealer who offer me the same price with a 500$ discount. Then thanked myself that I didn’t made any deal with them. If a dealer sell only fixed price cars only then how he can charge development charges. They simply tried a lot to grab maximum profit. How a cheap dealer tries to cheat his customer only to earn a few bucks.

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