Mojo Garage Door repair San Antonio

Highly over charge. its thrice the actual cost.. Beware

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My torsion spring on my garage door broke so I called Mojo for a quote, they told me they couldn’t give me one over the phone. They needed someone to seem at it and would cost $45 only for the quote. Technician was supposed to point out up from 4-6pm, didn’t get here till 7pm. When the technician finally showed up, he gave me attitude once I told him it had been just the spring that broke (maybe I insulted him saying it had been a simple job replacing it). He took 3 seconds to seem at it and told me $200 for spring and $250 for the labour. I was shocked by what proportion they were charging. I told him that was quite I used to be expecting and that I was going to go searching so he got more of an attitude and said I owed him $45. I paid him $45 for 3 seconds of his time and before he left, he said he could roll in the hay for $350. I told him wasn’t interested anymore. Called Helotes overhead doors and that they gave me a quote over the phone for $160 for parts and labour but they were busy that day. Ended up going with Aaron’s garage door, they were here within the hour once I called and paid $195 for parts and labour. Scott had it replaced in but 20mins. stand back from MOJO garage, bunch a crook overcharging for parts and labour. No reason why they couldn’t give me a quote over the phone like all the opposite companies did. Charging $450 for a spring replacement is ridiculous. Everyone giving this company 5 stars for a spring replacement doesn’t know that they had $250-300 stolen from them

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