Mokara Hotel & Spa

I wont ever stay here again, what a waste of money.

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So disappointed!! Arrived at the hotel around midnight after checking into another hotel and it being too disgusting to remain in. I called before arrival to see availability and rates, then upon arrival 40 min later i used to be given a way higher rate. When I told the front desk attendant, I had just spoken together with her she denied it and said calls don’t come to the hotel directly. So, I called again while standing ahead of her and she or he answered. Needless to say, I was annoyed. Once we arrived within the room and saw the view i used to be even more upset. We have a view of a trash shoot! All night long we were awakened by people screaming outside the window, in order that didn’t exactly cause a restful night. This morning we are all exhausted and ill prepared for the day before us. I obviously was assigned to a room that was indifferent from the rest, poor condition. The carpet within the hotel is extremely worn especially the carpet resulting in the workout facility. Upon entering my room, I was so disappointed, I still can’t believe that I paid $319 for the bed and breakfast service in such mediocre accommodations. There is such a lot dust during this room it’s ridiculous. There wasn’t one thing that I even have been impressed with and i have been here for several hours now. The beds are so small. Not to mention the pillowcase slipped off the pillow and there was an honest sized blood stain on the pillow. I don’t get it! I am in awe and very disappointed with our ”premium luxury” accommodations. The Mokara Hotel should seriously consider some major renovations as they’re long overdue. The Manager Thomas read a prior review and stated he had intention to reach out to me but still has not! Disappointed again, don’t offer a public resolve to sharpen your image. It further justifies my experience! I was extremely disappointed in this hotel. Now that I reread the reviews, I see most are staff and location; few are actually about the hotel itself. We booked a long weekend stay to get away and relax. Our room had an odd smell. It was a mouldy wet smell. We had to get air freshener to cover it up. Then the patio was filthy. There were cigarettes butts all over it. It hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. Not inviting at all to sit outside. The doors to the rooms are very heavy and they have the weight at the top to ensure they close. Every time anyone leaves their room the door loudly slams shut. Valet was ridiculous. It takes 30 or more minutes to get your car even after calling ahead. All together it was just a miserable stay. Never ever go there.

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