Moments and Milestones

Anyone getting married? Needing a planner/ photographers?? SKIP THEM

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Moments and Milestones are really bad with their photography. From the first mail, I thought they are good maybe but finally I realize that these guys are good for nothing. They did not respond quickly and very unprofessional, I really felt disappointed with them. The price is also very high that’s why a middle-class person cannot afford them. Do not trust on them because they fully spoil our beautiful memories of weddings and birthdays etc. My wedding pictures are good for nothing because the quality of photographs is not good in Moments and Milestones. They did not capture all the things that I explained them in our meeting. It is truly felt disappointed to work with them. Do not go there if you do not want to spoil your beautiful memories. There is a lot of pressure upon all the staff members and photographer’s when they work with someone but Moments and Milestones are just opposite as compared to the situation that I discussed. They are enjoying a lot without having any pressure of work and they are focusing only one thing which is food. All the staff members are busy to eat food. When I shouted on them that what they doing then they did not say sorry and get back to work. After that I thought now, they are focusing on their work but after that they spoilt my beautiful memories. I understand that they are taken revenge with me because I shouted on them in front of all people. Seriously, do not trust on their services and staff members. The staff members are good for nothing and they are busy with their mobile phones and food all the time when someone invited them to cover any function. They are doing only one thing greatly which is to show off. Once, when I visits in their office first time for requesting them to cover my business party then I am really impressed with their sample photographs and the politeness of the people who work there and there are a lot of things which I really liked and I said that I really wants that only they can cover my party. Then what they saying that they do not have time because their all appointments are already booked then I requested them something half an hour. After that they said that ok, fine we will cover your party but in only one condition and the condition they put is that I have to pay all the money in advance. I agree with that also because I don’t know the reality. After the function I realized that they are really good for nothing. The quality of the photographs are really disappointed.  They promised me that they are doing their best to making my party memorable and yes, they are right. They really made my party memorable by giving me bad quality photographs and there are so many mistakes they did with my photographs. So, I strictly suggesting to all please do not go there, except that you can choose any option.

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