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Never choose Monarch, this place is basically a scam

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So disappointing! I had a tooth with a rough spot. Over the last year, it hurt on and off. I went in to see if they could fill that spot on the tooth or smooth it out. After x-rays showed nothing wrong with the root or tooth, they said there was too much wear on my tooth to fill the little chip. Instead, they said the only way to fix it would be a crown or root canal with crown.

Then, they proceeded to tell me that my teeth needed a Deep Cleaning because they weren’t in good shape. I wisely left without doing any of these suggestions. Just got back from a second opinion at a different dentist. I was in their 30 minutes. My tooth is healthy and definitely didn’t need a crown or root canal. The dentist did what I asked. She filled that tiny spot on my tooth. It wasn’t either worn down! Amazing, the pain is gone. I asked about the health of my teeth and gums. The dentist said my teeth are in great shape. I NEVER LEAVE reviews! I’m disgusted with this blatant attempt at a cash grab from Monarch Dental.

Never choose Monarch for braces. They immediately charge $1200 for brackets to be placed on your teeth, then after that they cancelled appointments, were unavailable for emergency situations, like brackets coming off, and their customer service is terrible. Seems they know they have you trapped after the $1200 charge for placing brackets and don’t care about the service they provide thereafter. The appointments can only be made on Monday or Friday and any decent times have already been scheduled months out. Forget about trying to be refunded anything when you realize they don’t care about their patients. This place is basically a scam.

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