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they have limited knowledge, skill and experience in this Field

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Recently, my pet dog received an injury in his leg. So I took him to Dr Badalmenti in the Montville veterinary group. I must say it is the worst practice ever. Going there to have your pet checked is a wastage of time and money. Dr.Badalmenti is an irresponsible one. While checking my pet she was not at all careful and pushed an injection without any precautions. I was shocked at her callousness. She was not kind and gentle to my pet, neither was she friendly and well-mannered with me. It seemed that my pet was feeling uncomfortable with the doctor and her way of treatment. The doctor seemed to take his job too casually. She lacked seriousness. Also, she appeared to have limited knowledge, skill and experience in this Field. She did not give time to examine the injury thoroughly. Neither did she explain to me his medical diagnosis. My questions were not properly answered. She is a very uncompassionate person .The veteran didn’t even try to give her best in treating the injury of my pet. Her staff also were ignorant and unprofessional. The facilities were unclean and outdated. The room was dirty. I am so disappointed with their poor customer service.
I also heard one of my friends was provided similar horrible service. Dr Badalmenti did an eye surgery of my friend’s kitty and failed to execute the operation successfully. After the operation was done, complications arose because of negligence on the part of the doctor’s team.
It will not be incorrect to say that doctor Badalmenti has failed miserably as a veteran. Her staff is equally incompetent and uncompassionate. I regret visiting her chamber. She proved herself to be a real discontentment. If anyone is searching for good veterans, Montville veterinary group is definitely not the one. I would like to warn everyone about the kind of poor, inadequate service given to the clients

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