Moore Orthodontics

they nearly killed my husband

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My husband’s experience with Moore Orthodontics had to be the worst ever. Although my husband has a desk job, he was once a quarterback for his team in college and tries to catch a game or two with his friends whenever he can. So last weekend, he went out and came back with a bloody mouth. He had been hit in the face and he was without protective gear, which of course, was stupid of him. His two front teeth were hanging loose and his jaw was swollen. We tried going to our local hospital but they were understaffed for the weekend and said there was no one could do look after dental injury. I did a quick search and took him to Moore Orthodontics. Little did I know, that things were about to take a turn for the worse. My husband was immediately attended to but it was clear that the nurse attending him was wholly unequipped to take care of him. His bleeding refused to stop and she just froze it seems. Later, a senior dentist came in and simply took out the hanging teeth without any anesthetic. My husband was in a lot of pain because of his swollen jaw and he gave him an injection in the gums, saying it would take care of the pain and the swelling but it did nothing. By this time, I could see him drifting in and out of consciousness and he could not even speak through his swollen mouth. I immediately searched for another doctor but once they realized that I was trying to shift him they tried to dissuade me by saying it would only worsen his condition. I had to make a tough choice but I took a risk. I called a private ambulance service and took him to the next hospital where he was immediately attended do, given a drip and then the required medicines to bring his pain under control

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