Move on Relocation

they ruined my belongings while relocating.

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They are one of the service providers who claim to have a better working environment because of which people like working with them. they also say that they have positive people who provide us with the best of our value and best of what is called a value of time.

I wanted to test their service and because of this, I hired them. My place was just a few km away and didn’t need much of people. still, in order to get things shifted in a better way, I decided to take their help.

5 people were sent to me. Didn’t understand for once was I shifting or the whole neighbourhood was coming along with me. I was surprised because my luggage was not that big or more and I clearly mentioned the same.

They seem to charge for fun for sure as they claim themselves to be. They proved that right by the very first thing they did by sending 5 people for 5 cartons.

I trusted them with my favourite bed which was of no use because they did get many scratches on the same and all they did was say a sorry and end the matter. Now who does this and how can a person remain quiet in such situations. Can anyone please tell me.  I couldn’t say anything but I was filled with anger for sure. I made a complaint to which I was offered with a discount of 10% on my total bill. This is what they offer after charging extra and then making me pay emotionally. This was the worst experience I had in days and from that day on I started taking reviews before I hire any service to help me in any of my work. I request everyone to do the same and reject the service if you feel you are misguided

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