Murdock Orthodontics

they charge you very high. will do unwanted treatments

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Hi, this is Rosy and I am writing this review just to make you aware of the truth, this is a genuine review intended to spread some light on Murdock Orthodontics. I am a genuine sufferer, facing many problems regarding the Murdock Orthodontics. This is an apparently very well managed clinic, their official site will only tell you so and the reviews that are written are by their own people because not only me but many other individuals and acquaintances have the same complaint against Murdock Orthodontics. The doctor is very careless and the most problematic part is the dentist prescribes dental surgery for small things to charge unnecessary money. One time, my dental problem was not that major and could easily be cured by heavy medication but he suggested a dental surgery just to charge money but thank god, I consulted one more dentist before the surgery and got to know the this. He makes a fool out of people because he knows that no one will compromise with his/her health. The management team is absolutely worthless as well, the receptionist is very rude and does not know how to behave in a proper manner. The staffs are not that caring and they become irritated if asked for too much help by the patients. The management literally illtreats the patients and is very annoying at its approach. There is a total mismanagement of the clinic. The doctor charges extra fees and continuously persuades you too buy medicines from his clinic only and he deliberately prescribes expensive medicines and exploits his patients. The clinic is not even that hygienic, if clinics and hospitals are not kept clean then it becomes very hard to adjust oneself with the environment. They should at least try to keep the clinic clean, that is a very basic thing. The clinic is also not well equipped with the new devices which is another problem. So, there is array of problems and I sincerely suggest you to avoid Murdock Orthodontics and go to some other clinic for your problems. Thank you.

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