they extracted my tooth which was having a simple cleaning issue

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These are called the one of Best in Tampa Bay. Like seriously for what are they at the number one or even the best. They don’t even deserve to be in the rating list.
I really had some worst experiences with these dentistry doctors. They offered me to get back my worsening teeth by simple ailments and a few medicinal things. I was okay because losing your smile is not what you deserve to be at a very young age.
I was happy to have some new variety of doctors added to my list as I had the weird habit of getting people in the list once I meet them.
I went there as per the appointment and the first thing started badly. It started so bad. I was kept waiting for 2 hrs even after knowing that I needed immediate care for my tooth. Well, even after the wait the thing was not satisfactory. I was not given back my smile, instead, it was taken back. My tooth was taken out saying they are spoilt and had to be removed. I didn’t have a Choice being there on the table with them. I said yes and later on that day after the surgery was done I started having bad aches. Wasn’t able to eat anything. Went to another dentist instead of this one and what I got to know was worst. They said to me all my teeth’s were perfectly fine. Just needed some cleaning and so I was being cheated. Totally unexpected from a doctor in this era.
Well, I would not recommend them to anyone and will definitely ask them not to repeat any such matters with anyone. Gonna also find some Complaint to the medical institute so that immediate action can be taken as against them and patients like us are not cheated upon.