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I had a bad experience . overdose of drops ...

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I had to actually suffer from partial blindness a few months ago and it took me round 3 months to recover completely. This was not due to any disease or accident that I had suffered. It was only because of a group of so called ‘professional’, ‘expert’ doctors and their incredibly disastrous treatment! I had to get a new pair of Contact lenses as my old ones were started to irritate a little, so I thought of visiting the Naper Grove Vision Care’s clinic for a checkup. I could not visit my regular eye surgeon as he was a little busy for that whole week. I had heard about them a few times from my colleagues and thought that they would be a good option for me.
On the day of my appointment, to my horror, the doctor was not even ready to allot a separate slot for me. I was made to sit with 4 more patients and he was examining them and me simultaneously. The lenses he prescribed were later found out to be of the power that I had, so I had to visit him again. This time, he used a certain chemical to first clear my eyes and then start his checkup. However, the minute he put them in my eyes, than I started having irritations in them. He assured me by saying that it was a temporary feeling and everything would be all right in a few hours. However, there was no change in the irritation that was going on in my eyes. At this time, my mother, who was accompanying me, rushed me to a different eye care clinic where I was told that the chemical used in my eyes was not very harmful, but the doctor had applied it in such a large quantity that it’s adverse effects are now surfacing!

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