NAPSRx is a scam

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A company which aims to provide you with job and job providers are out there to make money and more money: first, they will approach and then they will kill you every day. They will try to take every detail and then let you suffer. Either they will get you wrong work or they will get you wrong people and their commission will be of course first for them. They will never leave that and will also try to make sure that you pay a bit extra. They think that they can fool us but I wasn’t fooled at all.

When asked me with the money I said then to provide me with a job first to which they replied that they will only get me to reach 2-3 until the whole of it was paid. I agreed and I settled. But the jobs provider who they made me reach were so so stupid. They didn’t even know to talk and it seemed like they were all my very first instance I understood that they were all fake and they will just try to get more and more money form me.they also tried getting more and more from me until I stopped them and I said that I don’t need any job. Even after I left they called me many times. Even after getting blocked they didn’t stop. They called from different numbers and disturbed me day and night.

I left the place and let them go but they didn’t let me go and kept approaching me every time. I didn’t think a bit for what they might think of me and neither did I think of what will happen with my job. The best job with fakers is not what I deserved for sure and I left the table then and there.

Guys, please don’t trust them, please.

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