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After my first wonderful experience with the Hyundai, I walked into a Nashua Hyundai show room for the second vehicle. There was no one to attend to me even after half an hour walk around the show room. Finally, one salesman approached me with all his fake sales tactics. He tried to impress upon me with all available and not available features of the vehicle. Of course, I had studied about the vehicle beforehand. But I was very happy to buy a Hyundai on his promises of a lot of offers and free accessories on the sale. When the D day came there was no call from the show room. When I contacted the sales manager, he took some time and advised me to collect the vehicle on the week end. They were prompt to remind me on the day of vehicle delivery as it was the full payment day. But to my surprise promised accessories were not found with the vehicle. They were prompt to remind me on the day of vehicle delivery as it was the full payment day. Though not happy with the service but for love of the vehicle I took delivery with a promise from them that left out services will be met during the first free service of the vehicle. In fact, they had delayed the delivery of the vehicle for registration of the vehicle with the authorities, but that was still pending. I had to take the vehicle with temporary registration number and visit the dealer on the third day for the same again.

On my visit to the dealer again after a month for free service of the vehicle, I had to face a lot of inconveniences. I had to shell out good amount for the most needed accessories which they had offered during the sale. In addition, they had damaged some parts during the service which they did not even bother to mention. On my coming to know the same after taking the vehicle to residence, I rang up to the service department, but they never accepted the mistake. Next, I visited the dealer again and registered a complaint but all in vain. I could not claim any insurance either as they never owned up to the issue nor helped me to settle the claim. I find that people in Nashua Hyundai are not honest in their dealings and also not good at serving the customers. They do not have trained and experienced staff at the sales, technical nor at the administrative side. Right from the purchase of the vehicle I have experienced problems with them.

During my second free service visit I had to bear some more burns. They had hardly done any work on the vehicle about servicing but had left some screws unscrewed, which resulted in brake fail in the vehicle. This resulted in my vehicle hitting a compound wall because of which front portion of the vehicle is fully damaged. Luckily, no much injury in person was faced but for some scratches. Here again they did not take any responsibilities for their technical fault nor the lack of supervision. I had to approach and complain to authorities and make them bear with all repairs and compensation as well, at the cost of time, mental strain and bearing great monetary loss.

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