Neal Schaffer

The only thing Neal Schaffer is good at is the ability to pick money from people by offering his worthless service to them

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”A blog gives your company a social voice”, as quoted by Neal Schaffer, is a deceptive and vague line. I, an entrepreneur of newly established business firm, consulted the company in order to make my business a great success. When I first visited the firm, I received a very negative response. They asked me to wait for several hours but that too was fine and after waiting for such a long duration they called me and asked me about my business and its nature and as such other details. The first thing they told me was the fees they are going to charge from him. I paid them half of the fees and then they continued investigation over my business. As my business is a small concerned, they didn’t focus it as much, initially they suggested me some vague and uncritical points, which I had already tried and implemented. When I informed them about this, initially, they didn’t show much concern about it, later on my continuous emphasis they then somewhat started putting some of their focus and time towards me. Then they advised and guided me in various topics such as digital marketing, sales marketing, and informed me about the various changes evolving in this dynamic world. Meanwhile I noticed that the staff is very irritable and arrogant, they basically function and put more of their concern towards large business enterprises as they pay them more. And as more pay means more profit for them. I noticed that the company’s moral ethics are immoral as they discriminate between their clients as per their size and nature. The larger the company, the more they emphasis on it. I had to wait there for so long, I had to make several rounds there in order to get some helpful advice but the whole staff is lethargic and incautious about their clients. One more weird thing about the company that they don’t work on rainy days. One day when I turned up there for some more consultancy, there were no staff and then I got to know about this working pattern. Even though by paying a huge amount of dime (dollars) to them, I didn’t turn up with any effective and perfect solution as I was expecting from this company. The company’s advice turned to me as a sheer waste of my time and money. One more point of let-down is their bad management. The management and the other staff are not very concerned about their clients, who are a bit small in size or any newly established firm. I noticed that, they ignored many of their clients in the same manner as they did to me just because the size of such firms was small the company has a very bad management and moral ethics. Everybody there are so mean and selfish and they are so highly proud of themselves. Taking about the advice they gave me didn’t proved to be very effective as it had many vague and uncertain points that didn’t turn up fruitful to me. What matters is not the name and fame of such consulting and influencing firm, the thing that matters is the quality advice that they give their clients that can shape their business in a right manner. I personally had a very bad experience with the firm and I will advise you all, not to waste your valuable and hard-earned money and time in this firm.


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