Neen James

Her solutions and tricks and techniques were like a complete crap.

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”Instead of focusing on what you could have done, focus, instead of what must be done’ a highly motivational and famous line spoken by Neen James, a global level motivational speaker, author and sales and leadership coach. She is an Aussie and a keynote speaker on leadership, marketing, sales, productivity strategies. She speaks in many events based on the corporate world and its growth. As I had heard a lot about her, I went to attend one of her seminars. I am working as a Sales Management Head in a small company, as the company is facing a stagnant growth, I along with my teammates decided to go there. The first thing we had to face there was a huge crowd and limited seats, there was a complete chaos there. I feel that that the place where the seminar was very small as compared to the crowd there. They should have forecasted in advance about the crowd and then should have decide the place. However, somehow, we got the entry there. Then, the seminar started a bit late as James were stuck somewhere. Later, when the program commenced, she started giving her introduction like her name, interests, profession and a bit about her past life. Then, she moved further and started explaining her journey as a successful speaker and business leader and how she got expertise in this field. But what I actually felt that the seminar was more like a motivation giving seminar rather than a business seminar. She focused more on her early and struggles rather than on the skills and techniques of business marketing and productivity. She peppered it more with some of her awful jokes and sayings which didn’t make any sense at all. She a lady with high energy and enthusiasm spoke nothing useful as in regards of business. I didn’t find the seminar worthy at all, there was nothing special and as useful as I had expected. Her repetitive saying, she being a female, had chosen a business world and succeeded as well, made the seminar more monotonous and useless. More and more she focused on such useless things that didn’t justified the seminar’s main cause or motive. After sheer wastage of more of the seminar’s time, when she finally spoke something related to marketing and leadership skills and techniques, was so vague and uncertain. Perhaps, nobody in the audience could have understood what she actually said. It was something which was moving out from everybody’s mind. None of us could grasped it. Then, when was questioned by the audience about some tricks and tactics of her methodology of doing work so smoothly and successes in life, she responded to every question in a very unclear and understandable form. Like it was nothing which was making any sense at all. Her solutions and tricks and techniques were like a complete shit, it actually didn’t make any sense. She was asked many questions but every time she was like I am not going to reveal anything and somehow the seminar took an end. I would actually say that, it was a pathetic experience in my whole life, I never expected something like that to be happen. I would rather advice you all try looking for some other speaker, don’t waste your time and money here.

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