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why every patient is diagnosed with SAME PROBLEM?

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I have never before and might never be cheated in such a disastrous way by anyone, again! I had been suffering from sleep issues for around 3 months. I was becoming restless, ill, and was suggested by a friend at the workplace to pay a visit to Nelson Dentistry and Dental Sleep medicine, 1928 Highland Oaks Blvd, Lutz, as he believed that these were symptoms of teeth problems also.
I tried to contact them over the phone to book an appointment for myself. I had also called for a free consultation regarding my issue as was promised by them in their website However, to my utter disappointment, none of these services were available online. Their website only seemed like a ‘very pretty show piece’, with no utilitarian value whatsoever.
When I visited their clinic, I was suggested to go through a number of tests as the doctors were not quite being able to ‘detect’ what the issue was. I became scared of these and was ready to get all the tests done as soon as possible. I have a family at home, and being the only earning member, I had to be absolutely fit to keep them safe and happy. These tests that I had to go through, were, as I later found out, not free at all. I had to shell out a great amount of money as all the charges for the tests were added, and nowhere was it mentioned that even one of them was free.
After the tests, they only said that I had obstructive sleep apnea. This was a little disturbing for me, because, well, every patient visiting that that had been diagnosed with the same problem! I felt that this organisation was a scam and left the place immediately!

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