Network Car Service

not very pleasant experience.

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Maybe it was my bad luck or just a bad day. But my experience with Network Car Service is not as good as the other reviews you will get to read on the internet. And I may not go back to them or recommend them to anyone.

It was raining quite heavily and I had a flight to catch. I had to be at the airport in like an hour and the only cab I could get in those rains did broke down less than mid way through to the airport. It was still a good half hour away. The driver tried his best in the rains but could not get it up again. I called in Network Car Service for a car urgently. Maybe due to the rain, but they could only provide me a cab in 15 minutes although the car was just 5 minutes away. I don’t know why it was going to take them the 10 extra minutes. But I had no other option. I waited there for the car to arrive. And maybe they had just completed a ride as the car was smelling of cigarettes. I did not enjoy it but couldn’t do anything about it either. I could not open the windows as it was still pouring. I know it may not be the driver’s fault, but still, it was not a pleasant experience. The car too, was not in a great shape otherwise. In fact it nearly broke down after a few minutes of standing still in a jam in the rains. But the worst part was the driver took a detour thinking it will take shorter time, but it did not. Actually, it nearly got me late for my flight. I reached there on time, but as I said, not very pleasant experience.

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