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conduct unnecessary test to just bill you heavy

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I always had sinus problem from an early age and although it was not debilitating, I thought it would be great if I got rid of the problem for good. With that in mind I booked an appointment with Nevada Sinus Relief by calling +1 702-805-1550 and went to visit the clinic at 7040 Smoke Ranch Rd at the designated time. To be honest, I was quite impressed with the clinic on first entering it- it looked like a well maintained office which had the amenities they promised. The receptionist was also courteous and accommodating and I started to get more and more comfortable with the place. However, problems started arising when they started referring me for the tests. There was an entire range of tests that the receptionist handed me over and she insisted I get it done from them. I was told they had advanced techniques which would show better results. I went under the scanner and it was a good three hours before all the tests were done and then I was prescribed an extensive round of treatment which would require five sittings. I had not counted on such a long procedure but not going for it would mean that the money I spent on the tests and checkups would have gone to waste. So I did as I was told, albeit reluctantly, and I was about $1700 poorer by the time everything was done. I was told I would see the results in the next couple of weeks, but my sinus returned. It was a while before it came back, but came back it did alright! And this time I am afraid to go back to them for a re-checkup as I am sure they will charge me a couple of hundred dollars again. Guess I will just have to live with it.

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