they lack this ethical code of conduct.

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It was midnight was suddenly I got pain in my oral gums and I immediately looked forward for dental clinic to get my treatment done as soon as possible. And soon I got to know about New Heights Dentals. Since the pain was unbearable therefore I soon rushed towards their clinic to meet the dentist.

As soon as I reach there, the first thing I noticed, there was no one on the reception to guide the patient and this was not at all professional. It made me really upset since I waited for a long time to get to know about the doctor and their services.  After waiting for around half an hour, when the dentist came, he told me his fees and services. It was quite shocking to listen husband fees since it was too high than the required. But since it was midnight and I had no option, I agreed for the treatment and went inside the operation theatre. And as soon as the treatment ended, the pain even increase than earlier. I asked the doctor and he said that by mistake he gave me the wrong injection.

Unfortunately, I had to undergo with a huge surgery of my oral gums. This was very upsetting and irritating. I even complained about this.

New height Dentals just take fees from their clients and in return provide bi services. They play with the sentiments of their patients. They even don’t take care of the materials they use for the treatment. I later even got to know that they’ve given wrong medicines to some clients. This is really unjustified to the professional they are following since being a doctor, wellness of their patients should be their first and foremost priority and New Heights Dentals lack this ethical code of conduct. I would never recommend anyone to take their services even in emergency.

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