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Unprofessional. Always scares that fetus have problem and does unnecessary tests to mint money

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My sister, who got married last year, was pregnant with her first child and naturally it was a very important and happy time in our lives. However, they had moved to Blacksburg, VA, only about three months back due to her husband’s temporary project, so she had to get some of her routine checkups done locally. She told us later that she had booked an appointment with New River Women’s Health, and it was one of the worst time in her life, so much so that she had to return early to her own city well ahead of her husband, just so that she could be closer to her own gynecologist. To start with, she was told on her first visit that there was some anomaly in her pregnancy when her own gynecologist had told her no such thing. She was about five months pregnant during this time and a series of tests were lined up for her, for which she had to shell out over $2000 dollars. However, she could not let the matter just pass and they were indeed quite convincing, so much so that at a point she felt that it was probably her own gynecologist who had probably missed something and she did not want to risk anything with her baby. The tests, however came out absolutely normal and there was nothing amiss and all that good money was spent on nothing. Next, they said that they would want to do a hormonal check up just to make sure that there was no problem with her, and that too came out perfectly fine. According to my sister, it just seemed that they tend to work up the young mothers into believing that something might be wrong with the fetus and just go in conducting these tests just so that they can make a lot of money.

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