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Charge high and then never revert back. only automated replies... Shame !

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The NH Strategic Marketing, LLC did share a lot of tips with my father initially. They are really helpful in helping customers to promote their new business in the first few sessions. Once they have taken the entire fees for the project, which they do by the third session, you can feel them to be a little cold. This company has charged my Dad like crazy. The only reason he hired them was because of their reputation and they have smart employees who churn out great ideas. It’s very high tech that they only connect to you via emails and chats. But it was extremely irritating for my Dad, who was wanting to meet them in person but they would not take out that time. Clearly Dad wanted a proper meeting face to face with a pen and paper in hand. Obviously my Dad was considered old school by them. But what the heck! He was their client who had shelled out a big amount. So these guys should honour his requirement. I found this attitude of their very insulting and picked up the phone to speak to them. The call was disconnected and a message sent to me that I needed to text to them or mail them. A text message sent to them to call back was not honoured once again. Now I was really annoyed at their cheek and went online and wrote a very strong review to them. Atleast one expects a call back then. But no, these smart dudes decided to behave like a robot. They replied back to the mail we had sent asking us to jot down our queries over mail. So it was clear these chaps would not speak at all. There are lot of things that you need to discuss and everything cannot be solved by mere mail exchanges. Calling themselves to be the largest strategic marketing company and not knowing how to communicate effectively depending on client’s needs is quite a shame!

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