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Worst dental service I ever experienced in my life. All they do is bait and switch

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North Orange family dentistry is known to give the best dental care in the Lewis Center area. I had learnt a lot about the services that they had provided to many customers. But I had to face an adverse situation here. One of my teeth had decayed. So, I went to North Orange Family Dentistry for a tooth filling to prevent further decay and damage. After the tooth filling was done, I had to face a lot of problems. The filling was not properly done and whatever food I ate, it got stuck to the gap in between the teeth. This resulted in foul breath and problems in teeth alignment. The gums also started to swell and would bleed at times. I had to bear a lot of pain during that time. I tried to fix another appointment as soon as possible to check my tooth. But they made me wait for a long time. The unbearable pain made it almost impossible for me to wait that long. Such terrible customer service was uncalled for. Due to the faulty setting and tooth filling that they had done, I had to pay a lot more than I was expecting. The rate for tooth filling was quite high and on top of that I had to get it twice. I had to bear the consequences of the mistake that they had made. Besides, their service was also not quick enough. I had to wait for a second appointment to get my tooth fixed and had to suffer a great deal.
There are also other customers who are not satisfied with the services provided by North Orange Family Dentistry. If you do not want anything to go wrong with your dental care, it is better to look for other dental care centers for this job.

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