Very rude child like staff in front office

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Having to own a clinic or even being involved in the field of medicine is one the biggest plus points that are given to a person. Personally when I say this I speak on behalf of all the people around me and I think that when you are giving such bonus points you should make use of it for the benefit of other people because people usually approach you with hope and expect to get a betterment in their lives and when it comes to the management of the hospital or clinic what so ever medical institution you may be running it is really important that they maintain a proper decorum in their clinic and make sure that it is followed by all the patients and the staff of that place. This is supposed to the place that was suggested to me because it was said to be the best place in the area and they seemed to be providing the best services amongst any other medical institution in that area. Having being able to control the overly emotional patients is one of the key factors that would play a huge role in the running of the hospital. When I approached them with my pet having hopes that I would be getting the best treatment for my pet from them and would result in a better and liveable situation for my pet. But when I reached there in an emergency because I could not actually figure out what was it actually that was happening to my pet and on reaching there I approached the reception for immediate attention for my pet but it seemed like they never even cared about the life of the helpless And instead they paid more attention the forms and the procedure that were required to be followed. I kept mentioning and pleading them to take care of my pet but least did they bother to consider my pleading and requests. It was even surprising or rather shocking that the staff that was actually handling my case was so rude and seemed to care the least about what was actually happening to the patient. The routine tests never seemed anymore routine, the way they were soo chilled out seemed like they have been used to seeing such sick patients suffer throughout without even caring a bit. Like me there were many other patients there too who were going through the same phase as me and some even worse than what I was actually going through. It was really hurting and sad to this kind of a don’t care attitude from the staff as well as the doctors in that hospital. It seemed like as if we were in some kind of a market with the amount of chaos and disorderly manner of following the rules and protocol. Being a medical institution, it is important that they actually look into the patient’s well-being rather than just focussing on the paper work. I am sure, there is a difference between a hospital and a corporate office!

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