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horrible experience after my mother had crown done by them

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My mother’s dental procedure went so horribly wrong after she went to Oaks Dental Specialist. Like many aging people, my mother too had to get her tooth extracted and although we wanted to opt for a root canal therapy, there was no option. The entire tooth had to go. It had already started to rot and if it stayed any longer, then the nerve endings would also be affected. Hence, we went for the procedure as soon as possible. And we contacted Dental Oaks. Well, the tooth extraction was fine and then there was the possibility of installing another crown in its place. Since, it was one of the front tooth that had to go, we decided to opt for it. My mother was in fact, quite happy with the procedure. However, three days after she began taking her solid food, she realized something was wrong and she was horrified to find that the crown had come right off in the middle of a meal! I mean, does that even happen? She called me and I asked her if it hurt and she said it did a little. Well, we rushed back to Oak Dental Specialist but even after telling them repeatedly what had happened, they simply said that the dentist would not see us without an appointment. We did not know what to do and when we finally got an appointment about a more than a week later, the pain had gone up considerably. The doctor simply remarked that it was unfortunate and that the crown would be fixed again but that we would have to pay for it all over again. Well, we simply left. If we were going to spend money, it would be for the services of a proper dentist and not on them again.

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