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bad communication and bad management

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It seems like it is not possible to be a worse web designing company than Olive Street Design. Consulting them has been my biggest mistake so far and all I can say is stay away from this company. They are no good. They do not do their job well. They will charge you so much and give you next to nothing in return.
Olive Street Design is project based. It is not account based, unlike most other traditional agencies. Or even IT companies. They do not even have the proper team to provide all sorts of required support and enhancement that clients will obviously demand of them.
Such poor communication can be never acceptable in a firm like Olive Street Design, or any other designing company of this magnitude. Proper communication is desperately needed. There are so many important options that needs to be discussed. We need to discuss the pro and cons of very option. Problems in communication can lead to misunderstandings and that can lead to disastrous conclusions.
They need to keep in mind that they are a ”web design team”. So if something goes wrong, it is not a programming or designing problem. The problem lies in service and in communication.
A number of my friends have consulted Olive Street design and they have all faced the problem of bad communication and bad management. All of which have led to disastrous conclusions. I mean, seriously, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the phone and listen to what the client actually wants. Or to at least go through the plethora of emails that they are being sent, containing all the ideas and requirements. They are being paid for this job and it will not take long for anybody to find themselves a designing company which actually lives up to its name and cost.

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