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Run away from On time ..the other company was cheaper and better

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Do not go for On Time Home Services. You’ll be ripped off with no work really done.

I have used their services for hot water heater installation and AC servicing. The first time, they were good and fast in installing the hot water heater. But they forgot to put up the metal strap like things back on the heater. I did not mind it too much because the heater was working and I could fix the metal straps myself. But when you pay as much as you are charged by On Time Home Services, you should in fact make sure they do all the work.

And speaking of high charges, I was charged $90 for inspection of my AC that was malfunctioning. The AC was not cooling enough, and as the weather was getting quite hot each day, I asked to come and fix it. But this time, I had to wait for 3 days for a technician to come and check it. When the technician did come, he could not find any solution to the trouble. He did try something which worked for a couple of days. I thought it was solved and was okay with the ridiculously high amount I paid. But in two days, the AC was again not cooling enough. And I tried calling them again as he had inspected the AC once. I thought he would have a better understanding of what the issue could be. But again, had to wait for 2 days. And again, the AC worked for 2 days. Finally, I got another local company come over and inspect the AC. And guess what, the AC has been working well and cooling the room perfectly for over 10 days now. And they fixed it in half the price. I felt stupid to have paid so much money.

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