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they made my friend's home worse than it was before

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I and my friend were extremely disappointed with the service provided by ONEighty solutions. According to their website and most other reviews they are supposed to be one of the best in their field of the removal industry. But we should have researched more on them as later it was revealed that these kinds of incidents happened with others too.
My friend’s daughter’s marriage was closing in and there will be hundreds of guests arriving at their house within a week. And thank God we called for ONEighty solutions one week ahead of the marriage and if we would have opted for their service much later on then we couldn’t have done anything to undo their blunder.
We opted their service for air-duct cleaning, water damage cleaning, odor, and mold removal. First of all, they were about three hours late for their appointment and we couldn’t even reach them at their specified phone number. Because of that we had to postpone our other appointments to the next day and waited for their arrival. They arrived at about 1 in the afternoon whereas they were scheduled for 10 a.m. in the morning. There were only four specialists sent by the organization although we had explained about our friend’s property being a huge establishment. These four guys didn’t look experienced and seem very young for such a job but we left them alone to do their job.
The job done by them was horrible which we found out after they left. The air duct was improperly cleaned and thought they pride themselves of not using chemical products but we were certain some kind of chemical was used and the whole house was smelling due to it. The molds weren’t properly removed, and the water damaged places looked like the boys didn’t even touch them. We tried contacting them again but no one responded, we posted complaint at their website and mailed them but still there wasn’t any reply. And at the end only two days before the wedding we had to opt for another removal company. ONEighty solutions made my friend’s home worse than it was before we even had to pay extra to the second company to remove the chemical smell.

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