Oral Surgery of Tidewater

arrogant and ignorant doctor

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This place seemed so convincing from the outside that I got tricked into ruining my smile. The doctors here will greet you very nicely with some awesome reception. But, the real scam is the paperwork, excess money and complicating simple things. I went in for a sensory problem. I had trouble tasting too hot or too old things. But that doctor told me my smile wasn’t quite right so I had to go for tooth implants. However much I argued that my smile was okay and it did not need more repairs he kept convincing me otherwise. It took me an inordinate amount of money to get my smile so-called fixed. But my smile was ruined in my opinion. My favorite left crooked teeth got fixed in a straight way. But even my parents disapproved. And the biggest of all, my sensitivity was still there. I went in for that problem. But, the doctor repaired something unnecessary and then continued to blame me that because of my irregular dieting and eating outside I have sensitivity problems. This is so infuriating. When I went for a third checkup, he almost threw me out of the clinic by creating a huge ruckus and ruining my day as well as my reputation. This is such a disgusting doctor. Because of his tremendous ignorance, my sensitivity has got worse and I had an unnecessary smile treatment. My tooth implants were also quite painful at the start, seeming more than the usual pain. Apparently, according to my cousin, it could happen because of the so-called anesthesia not being administered properly. I cannot comprehend that such an arrogant and ignorant doctor is being a highly sought after doctor. He is a total wannabe. Do not go to this clinic and ruin your life. I certainly did and it was the last time I would ever come to this place. I have never met such a rude and haughty doctor in my life as this one. Be aware and never visit this place.

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