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they do unnecessary repairs and bill you huge.

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If you have a vehicle from other dealerships and if you are willing to get it to service from Ourisman Hyundai centre then they will say that they won’t do service from other dealerships. They will service vehicle but you have to press them for that. So, they will do service but they will call you another day to pick up your vehicle. Even if they have confirmation emails and online service, they don’t mean all that and, in the future, they won’t consider this deal.

The way they work you if you see them then you will not feel safe or comfortable having work done there. You are going to have the worst experience while purchasing a vehicle from them as the salesman there do not have the knowledge of the vehicle they used to sell. While talking with one of the salesmen there the manager will interpret you both and will take over salesman and will tell you that how the price is shown on the internet isn’t the real price of the vehicle. After this, even anyone would deny having a dealership with them but they will insist you against your will. After that, they will call you and disturb you for nothing. They don’t give any of the honest answers they show the different prices online and in reality, they will charge you extra and will say that this is their policy.

If you give your vehicle for service, the service seems too quick and will not service your vehicle precisely. They will not wash, polish and vacuum your vehicle which is the part of their service but they will deny and will send your vehicle as it was before. If you have 60000 miles scheduled maintenance they will quote you over thousand dollars fro that only and will say that they have to change your vehicles’ spark plug and nowhere service is being done sate that in 60000-mile schedule maintenance need to change spark plug but they do for no reason and will charge you for that. Even if they don’t show spark plug change on the online offer list but when you visit for service your car then they will do so.

If you have an issue in the vehicle that requires repair and you visit there then they will diagnose your vehicle and will order the part which was to be repaired without asking from you and this will take up your lots of money.  On the second visit to get repaired the part they install under warranty then will say that this part does not come under any warranty and will charge you again, and will also charge for simple diagnoses, that’s how they trick you.

If you get your vehicle service from them, they will say that they have to replace your brakes, wiper, and lights even if they did not need to get replaced

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