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terrible work culture

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Pacific Hills Dentals is known for its terrible work culture and this reflects in their services. Walk into this dental unit and you will find all the employees sulking all the time. My mother told me that when she visited yesterday, she felt more sick after interacting with them. She overheard from the staff that the supervisors are very insensitive people who love to make life hell for the new joinees. As soon as a fresher joins, he is given long working hours. No matter how many times you tell the supervisors that you need to pick up your kids on your way back home, they will act dumb as if they have not even heard you. In case you tell them that you are unavailable on a certain date, they will still give you overtime on that date. This creates chaos among the team members. In fact their recruitment policy is terrible. As soon as an employee leaves, which is pretty often, they send out an internal mail asking you to bring a friend and for that your get paid another paltry sum. Whoever joins, leaves within a few months and they will again recruit fresh out of school kind of kids as assistants. With no proper induction or briefing, these freshers have no experience or courtesy to handle patients. They let out their frustration on the patients all the time. The dentists have very sure hands but if the support staff including the girl in the reception behave in such a haughty manner, it sure makes you irritated. As it is, my mother reached there with tremendous tooth ache and then she had to face a rude bunch of people. In fact my mother was saying that she doesn’t blame them. These are juniors and if they are not respected in the work place, they are bound to let their frustrations out in front of the patients.

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