had the worst dental experience of my life here

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I went for a teeth cleaning to Dr Sakurai for the first time. She told me I needed to get all three of my fillings replaced but I never had any problems with them so I was pretty hesitant but then I got her to replace one. But I had to go visit her twice after that as my tooth became extremely sensitivity it was so bad I could not eat with the teeth on that side of my mouth. However, Dr. Sakuari could not fix it! So I had to go back to my old dentist and I was shocked to know that Dr. Sakuari CRACKED my tooth during replacing my filling by comparing the old and new x-rays and this was the reason why I was having so much pain. So, a $200 filling turned into $1000 as now I have to get a crown! Dr. Sakuari gave me the money back but now I have to get a crown, she cracked my tooth and I have to shell out $800!

I have had the worst dental experience of my life here. The front desk administration is also worst. They speak to you rudely on call and is even more rude in person. They are reluctant to help you and do not know how to tackle grievances.

The bad customer service will lead them no where if they do not rectify themselves. They will snap back at you for simple patient questions. They also did not inform me about charging consultation fees of $100 where as most of the places provide this service for free. When I told them that it was not mentioned to me over the call, they replied in a very rude and ill-manner. The first thing that they need to improve in their behaviour with the customers and then the dentist should brush up her course once again. I would like to request everyone to go somewhere else. You will lose your money, waste your time, cause yourself harm and then get bad behaviour here. There is not a single positive thing about this place.

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