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its just basic information which is all out on net for FREE... SCAM ALERT

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Affiliate Quick cash is a product developed by Pallab Ghosal, James Knight, Dan Ashedorf, and Eric Larson. According to their claims and their advertisement, affiliate marketing is being cracked by them finally in their course.
By giving all the necessary things in one place, they claim that they can change the life of an affiliate marketer. They clean that we can earn $100 to $200 per day that too instantly
By reading their advertisements and claims, I thought that I was able to find finally, a solution to all my marketing issues. But this is misleading as it is packed with basic information which can serve only entry-level or newbies.
The notes mentioned here are the same things you might have been doing for years with no minimal twists to it either. In addition to it, they are talking about some mysterious secret, which everyone else is unwilling to reveal online. This is a very cruel lie they are posing to today’s customers.
There is no such Secret In their course that can help you to generate traffic. It is guaranteed that your life cannot be changed by this product, either instantly or on a long run. The information that is provided by the course is nothing, but basic Internet marketing training and basic details about affiliate marketing.
Many bloggers and YouTubers are posting more information in much more straightforward ways in their blogs and YouTube channels, which you could use for free. They are making many fake promises to sell their product. You cannot increase your traffic or start earning according to their promises, using this basic course
You need to gain, a much deeper understanding of the concepts to have creative thoughts and start earning for real. They make you spend time and your hard-earned money for nothing.

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