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Little did I realise that I was going to get scammed.

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I have a blog and I thought of using it to earn money. I am still very new to online marketing, a naive beginner. So, of course, I searched online about online marketing as anyone else would do. This led me to affiliate marketing, which then led me to certain products of Pallab Ghoshal.

Pallab Ghoshal is not an unfamiliar name in the world of online business and affiliate marketing. Pallab Ghoshal claims in his online website, that he used to have a corporate job, which he left to make a full time living from home. I did a quick review check on his products, which turned out to fine so I thought of trying it. The other features that drew me to buy his products were that it had 30 days money-back guarantee and that he had 5+ years of experience. 

Little did I realise that I was going to get scammed.

The product didn’t change or add anything to help my online marketing because the package was full of video and tutorials of basic marketing knowledge and strategies that can be found in any article or blog online. It has tutorials that tell you to use social media for online marketing but if are going to apply that method, you will only create a nuisance or just be seen as a spammer in social media platforms. I expected to learn a lot about traffic generation, list building, CPA marketing, affiliate marketing, product launching, etc, with the help of the products.

Although, at first, I wanted to refuse to believe that I wasted my money in the product, I was so downcast so searched online about his other products and found out that the methods and strategies on my product were almost similar to them, which mean it is just a fraud to launch new products without actually providing something new or different. 

Then I tried to return the product but guess what? Just like their claims of making more than a hundred dollars per day, that ’30 days money-back guarantee’ was a fraud too. I felt like a loser.

His online free videos are full of useless strategies too. Even online website looks poor, one can totally tell it has poor writing structure and the story of his success is easily questionable too. 

I wish I had read a bit more about the products and the creator before buying it, to have a brief insight. Or if I had watched his free videos online, to decide.

I highly not-recommend any products of Pallab Ghoshal because it is useless, doesn’t worth the price at all, the methods and strategies seem little to do with real success in online marketing, at least according to me. Make no mistake, as I did, money does not come as easy as Pallab Ghoshal claims. I would agree if he is good at affiliate marketing, because he did it right that is why I was led to buy his product, but he will teach those actual ways to the people, that I don’t think so.

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