quality of the service lacks

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The family owned business, that is run by the most business minded family you could say. Probably found that easiest way to get into a business and the simplest way to earn money from that business. Would you rather say that they are the most educated family or would you say they are the family that were least bothered about education as a part of their living? While other families gave their children toys to play with this family literally handed tools into the hands of their children, because what is better than running the family business? The problem that is faced with them is the quality of the service they provide and the lack of management that they fail to produce. The most essential part of running any business is maintaining the relationship with their customers. But what would you do when that is one of the main things that is missing in this, most of the people have faced a lot of issues when it came to the communication and following up with the management of that place. It was also shocking and very devastating how most of the people like us have faced the problem where they were provided with wrong and incomplete information about the products they had asked for, so much so that the employees presently working in that place completely lacked the knowledge that was required for selling the products to the people. Imagine you are being forced into buying something that not even they completely have knowledge, so basically it is a mock show going on there. In that only if you end up buying that particular product it shows that the management and the owners do not care about the sentiments of their customers as long as they are the ones making money at the cost of the customers innocence. How wold you have felt if you were to pay a lot of your hard-earned money on something that you never even wanted to buy? Yes, it is going to be the most devastating feeling, but this is something that these sales people who are presently working there are taught to ignore. They have one sole purpose and that is to get you to buy the products that they want you to buy irrespective of whether or not you actually want to buy that product. Whenever people get their vehicles into that garage for servicing they are required to make an appointment before they can come there with their vehicles, but they lack in management to a major level and this is because most of them are not even educated enough in their field. There are so many times that they have given the wrong appointment to the wrong person and created problems leading to inconvenience to most of their customers. They make their customers wait for so long only to get the simplest of works done, which is a waste of energy and very time consuming.