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They take your Smile Away

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My cousin was slated to get married and like every other girl, she of course, wanted to look her best on the big day. My cousin is a very simple girl and she believes in simplicity and has never been much to into looking extra glamorous with makeup and stuff. She and her fiancé, however, booked an appointment with Paoli Family Dentistry so that they could polish up their smile before the wedding and of course, it would look good on the wedding pictures. Instead, my sister had to go through her wedding day wearing tons of makeup to hide the scars that had appeared around her lips after a visit there. The reason: they had booked up for a teeth bleaching procedure to get healthy and white teeth. My cousin said that the staff was absolutely good and so was the doctor who treated them and they did not feel anything amiss during the procedure. However, once they got home, while her fiancé was alright, she started feeling a burning sensation in her gums, which gradually started spreading to other parts of her mouth. She thought it would go away in the morning but it only became worse and when she woke up the next morning, there were some marks all around her lips which were reddening. Her fiancé missed his work and immediately drove her back to the clinic but know what? They would not even take her complaint, let alone give her a checkup. When they insisted and ultimately threatened to call the authorities, a nurse came up and gave her a bottle of salve or something and assured that the marks would go. On applying it, the burning sensation did go down a bit but the marks only slightly faded. My aunt and uncle advised her not to get involved with authorities so close to the wedding but on the big day itself, she had to wear extra make up which made her uncomfortable and she went through the entire day unable to smile properly.


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