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they ripped me off

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Paperstreet Web Design did a terrible job on my new website. They are very impotent when it comes to creative concept, organization, and proper execution of vision .The research work of this team was terrible and they did not even consider the intel I gave them and they gave a very lack luster and careless output to my vision and they created one of the worst websites I have ever seen in my entire career. I am utterly disappointed with their work, considering the amount of money they charge for it.
The framework is very difficult especially when it comes to updating and the interface is not at all user friendly. It clearly shows that they took nothing I said into consideration, and I am so offended!! I am not at all impressed by the quality of the design they provide which any amateur could do. They are also extremely unprofessional and do not even deliver within time, they take all the time in the world to do this subpar quality work. The staff is highly incompetent and do not know what they are doing, how are they still running this company with this quality of work is beyond me. I do not recommend them AT ALL. They promise so much from SEO to online marketing and more and cannot even provide a simple web design properly! So much for double standards! And not to mention their very bad customer service, like they take so so long to respond to any issue and cannot even solve them properly and their billing system is s o confusing with so many unnecessary taxes just to squeeze money out of their customers and it is not even value for money! I have learnt my lesson and am never going back there

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