Park 56 Dental

Don't be deceived by Dr. Ruof and thrown off by her beautiful office and charismatic ways.

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I have never felt more cheated in my entire life than I had felt when I visited the Park 56 Dental clinic in 120 E 56th St #610, New York. I had to get a dental implant for one of my teeth in the left side of my lower jaw. When a friend recommended that I visit the Park 56 Dental clinic, I readily did so. When I discussed what service I required, I was told that these services of implants were more costly than the other restorative options, but these were also more durable and profitable in the long run. Agreeing with them, I decided to go for the implants, but I was told to first deposit one thirds of the total cost of the dental implant prior to the actual procedure. The bill they presented to me was almost double than that of the other dental clinics! This was greatly shocking to me and I did try to enquire the reason behind such high charges. I was told that the materials they used were of a much superior quality and doctors were also much more experienced than the others. With no other option left for me at that time, I decided to actually go for the implant and deposited the required amount. The procedure went well and I did not feel much pain. However, I was told to follow a strict diet of liquid foods for 1 month even though I was assured by the doctor previously that the implants were strong enough to with stand the pressures of a normal diet. There was supposedly a warranty of 5 years for the treatment that I went through, however, the implant wore off on the very second month of I and I hadn’t even eaten any solid food that required chewing! What a loss I suffered!

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