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perform unnecessary procedure without any consent

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Like any other kid, I was always afraid of dentists and so I could not blame my 12 year old son when he throws tantrums and tries to avoid his dentist appointments. However, what happened time around might have put him off dentists for good. I went to the Passarello Family Dental assuming that the family run clinics are kind of more experienced and are more warm and sympathetic towards the patient’s families. However, this idea totally changed when I went to their clinic on 6200 Georgetown Blvd and was thoroughly disillusioned. My son went into the room and I was told to wait outside. When it was over twenty minutes I insisted on inquiring what happened and what could have caused the delay with a routine dental check up. To make a long story short, I found out to my horror that the dentist had apparently found a cavity in one of the lower front tooth and gone ahead with the preparation of a tooth extraction, without even bothering to consult me. There I was, sitting right outside his door, and my son was on the verge of getting his tooth pulled out. All the arrangements were made and I had just about pushed pass the nurse outside to go into the chamber and saw what was happening. I immediately got my son out of there and had I been just a minute late, a totally unnecessary procedure would have been performed on my son without my consent. I immediately called his father and went ahead and drove back to the dental clinic to confront them but the dentist coolly denied any charges and insisted that it was absolutely necessary. Moreover, he also had the nerves to tell us that since we did not heed his advice, there was no need for us to be there. We are just thankful that out son was safe.

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