Paul Artale

Nothing Important To Learn From Him.

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Paul Artale, in an interview when asked about himself directly starts by saying “my name is Paul Artale and I help people and organizations break barriers” he probably expected us to stand up and start applauding! Isn’t it kind of ironic coming from a person who talks about being a line back but did he make it big?

Well, how would we know, at least I never heard of him till today! But anyway let us give the man a chance, coming from a struggling childhood and a strong background it clearly does take a lot to stand up to the world and narrate your past. I am sure that he is a source of clear motivation to the present-day football players in America, but come again clear motivation? do the players in America really need motivation? I’m sure even America doesn’t! As far as I know those are a few bunches of two-legged organism running behind money.

Give them money and they will run; money is enough motivation for current day situation in American sporting industry. It must have been hard for a person like Paul Artale who spent most of his time in the hospital because he had missing fingers in his hands and spend most of his time having surgeries trying to improve his arms. He sure did have a lot of money and a lot of faith in the American medical counsel.

He also has a part when he says, “my entire football story in 115 words” well, now we know why we never really heard of him. After all he spent most of his time in the hospital than on the field. I guess, the doctors in the hospital were the only ones who actually knew him the most. He further talks about getting into the university of Toronto and being a line back there, but as far as I remember everyone is required to give I their SATs. Now, I am really beginning to think that this man maybe having some serious magical powers. Spending most of your life having surgeries and getting the scores to get into university of Toronto. Don’t tell me he got in through “sports quota” because I am sure we didn’t have the same prime ministers, or did we? He also speaks about being given the Bennet award which is basically an award that is given by theteammates to the most hardworking player in the team. But wasn’t it obvious that he needed to work twice as hard as his other teammates were working?

Man, spent most of his life in the hospital and sure did he lack some fingers too! I am sure that the man is a nice and down to earth person, well as far as I know it takes all fingers to fly! I guess he had no choice than to be down to earth. He also says that he spent most of “other life” trying to inspire and motivate people. Isn’t it ironic that while we dream to be living our second life, this man already is?

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