Pediatric Dentistry of Shreveport-Bossier

hated the service provided to my child...

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If there is anything that a mother hates to see, it is bound to be the tears and the pain that her child goes through for any reason in this whole world. All thanks to Pediatric Dentistry of Shreveport, I have to witness just this thing and my heart breaks every time my child starts crying of tooth pain.
He is suffering from the very basic problems that a growing child faces regarding their teeth. But with one tooth, there is an issue which none of us can detect. Last week, he was becoming restless because of the increasing pain and we decided to take him to a dentist for a checkup and an expert advice. Since Pediatric Dentistry of Shreveport is closest to our house, at 6930 Fern Avenue #200, we took him there. We had tried to book an appointment over the phone by calling them at +1 318 742 9333, but no one received the call. On reaching there, were told that there were patients already and we had to wait. A wait for 10 mins is always acceptable, but when it extends to 2 hours straight, then the problem begins. My boy started crying uncontrollably due to the immense pain and we started losing our patience. We were instructed to leave our child in the doctor’s room and wait outside. The chamber was not very impressive too, there were many other children lying there, already being treated, with absolutely no privacy. When the turn for our child came, we were shocked that the dentist was examining him with his bare, unsanitized hands! We tried to complain, but all was in vain. Our son was only given an antibiotic of a very high dosage, which might not be safe for such small children also! In short, I hated their service!

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