Pennsylvania center for dental implants and periodontics

they mess up appointments ,,

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My daughter had an appointment for a follow up visit from her dental surgery. Even while I was waiting alone outside, another young lady, with the same name as my daughter’s, comes to check in. There appeared to be some confusion as the receptionist asked her for her last name a couple of times and made her way inside. After several minutes, my daughter came out with some information about making a follow up appointment.

As I came to find out from my daughter, (not the staff at the center) the staff had started to prepare my daughter for surgery, which was intended for the other young lady with the same name and incidentally also having a 7:00 am appointment, when my daughter had an appointment for a routine check-up. This is inexcusable. How this could have ever happened. I understand that there are many people attending as a patient on a daily basis, but this is a mistake unpardonable.

My concerns are about several other issues, like:

  • Why couldn’t someone from the staff, the doctor or anyone of the employees come out and inform me of what had happened? Leave aside apologize.


  • Given the fact that this happened because two people with the same name had appointments at the same time on the same day makes me wonder what happened to the x-rays, who is getting billed for it, and how can the other person with the same name be sure the x-rays in her file belongs to herself?


  • My daughter was informed that “her” prescriptions were sent to our pharmacy. Did the other Lady (with the same name) get her medication? Who is paying for the prescription? Is the prescription filled with medication not intended for her in the first place? Is there a chance of a reaction from it?

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