Permanent By Paige

I have since had my eyeliner re-done elsewhere to my liking, thicker, more visible. Happy now.

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I heard a lot about this place before getting my eyebrows done. The reviews were good so I did not mind spending my money on it. But little did I know it would go to waste. Firstly, the appointment time was confused by them. They told me one timing on phone and when I reached there they said it was another timing. However, they made me feel like they were doing me favour by servicing to me on that very time. The treatment started and ended painlessly but the ink started coming off immediately after I reached home. One eyebrow looked faded than the other. Also, I did everything they instructed me but after a day or two the ink on my left eye completed washed away. I went here again and showed them.

They reworked on it but nothing changed. The ink came off again in a few days. I did not go back to them as there was no pint in going repeatedly and wasting both time and money, coming back with the same thing. I went to a different place where they re worked on my eyebrows. The other one also started fading by then. I had to pay double the amount to finally get what I wanted. Had I gone to the second place in the beginning I would save my hard earned money. I will not recommend any one, not even my enemy to go there. They do not listen to you properly or behave well when you tell them that the work is not done properly. Their behaviour is cold from the beginning and turns worse when you have a problem. They cannot handle criticism clearly. Later, I found out that it was not just me but another person got a itching problem with the ink. Also, other people have also complained about fading ink.

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