Pollos Asados Los Nortenos

the waitress needs more customer service skills and listening and communicating with your customers

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Too bad customer service!! I am not going to recommend this restaurant. It provides terrible services and awful food. One won’t be able to find anything good about this restaurant.  It was my parent’s anniversary and we planned to have a family dinner in some brilliant restaurant. I was recommended to this place by my close acquaintances. However, my personal experience was terrible with them. I had booked a table in advance but all in vain. As when we visited the place, we weren’t offered our seats. Someone was already sitting on the table. I complained about the same to the manager but he asked us to wait. Pathetic!! If we had to wait, then why had I booked the table in advance? Even the manager didn’t apologize to me for their mistakes. Quite absurd!! After waiting for more than thirty to forty minutes, they offered us our table. But the table wasn’t clean. I asked them to do the same and they took ten to twenty minutes to clean it. Lazy people!! Then, it was time for an order for our food, but everybody was so busy that nobody came to us to take the order. Then, after a few minutes, one waitress arrived and she took our order. We were in complete shock when I saw our food. It wasn’t the same as what we had asked them for. How irresponsible!!! The food was cold, oily and tasteless. They didn’t even serve the food well. When I complained about the food, they started arguing with me. None of them seemed to be much concerned about their customers. Disappointedly, we left the same. It isn’t worthy!! One is going to waste their hard-earned money only. I would strongly request all the viewers to not to visit this place as they are going to be deceived.

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