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tremendous communication problem within the team

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While web designing companies are moving in the pace of a race horse, Portside Marketing is still working at a snail’s pace. The employees are very inept and still believe in working with old technology. The head of the organisation behaves like he is some kind of a prince and his day starts after 11 am in the morning. Call him and he will never picks up your call easily. This is of course after you have given him an advance payment for the assignment. Before he gets the payment, you will find his assistant calling you twenty times a day. My brother was launching a new company and did the mistake of using their service. The poor fellow went mad chasing them. In today’s world, you cannot be non responsive and do the disappearing act when your client is looking for you to improvise or fine tune some work. There is a tremendous communication problem within the team as well. The company has no control over their developers. These wiz kids always seem to over commit and at the time of meeting deadlines. somebody or the other falls sick. Also this company was a one man show. There is one honest worker who delivers on time or tries to, unless his team members pull him down. Its really sad that this company is kind of basking on its old glory. Few years ago they were one of the best and that is why people still come to them now. But its really sad that all the money they earned few years back on the assignments that they did, they have not invested in technology or people. Other companies have raced much ahead and they are no longer the No 1 company. Sadly, this place has not been able to invite fresh talent as who wants to work in a backdated company?

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